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Inpatient EHR

Choice Hospital Systems Cloud Based Inpatient EHR Hosted on AWS....

Physician Documentation

Physicians enter notes directly into the Choice-HS EHR via the keyboard, voice recognition, or dictate into the system which integrates transcription features Physicians can easily record patient problems, enter medication orders based on the latest formulary, and order lab tests and other departmental services. They see drug and allergy alerts immediately. Time-consuming tasks related to medication reconciliation, patient instructions and education materials, and discharge notes are streamlined by pulling in data from the entire Choice-HS patient record.

Smart Elements embed related clinical information into the appropriate documentation, reducing the time required for physicians to complete and sign notes. Because the entire Choice-HS EHR is available on their iPads, physicians can sign discharge orders and summaries conveniently and securely from any location.

Workflow logic incorporates information from earlier encounters, reducing needless searching for important patient information, and ensuring that clinical decisions are based on a complete view of the patient’s historythat clinical decisions are based on a complete view of the patient’s history

Smart Elements can be shared across specialties, or with other individual physicians, maximizing the benefits of standardized care throughout the facility.

Nursing documentation

Nursing tasks are fully automated in the Choice HS EHR – triage, assessment, charting allergies, vitals, I&O, and documentation such as 24 hour flow sheets and discharge plans. These routine activities are pre-populated with required fields and compliance logic. Nurses and physicians view the electronic chart with full nursing documentation and integrated data from existing systems immediately – i.e., lab results, medications, clinical history. .

Nursing workflows can be customized to reflect existing processes so your busy nursing staff doesn’t have to change how they take care of patients. Built-in compliance ensures complete and accurate documentation.

Choice-HS is not just "easy to use", but also easy to learn, and integrate into clinicians’ workflows. The familiar user interface makes the difference.

Smart Elements prevent duplicate entries and ensure that information is presented at the appropriate time, to the appropriate user, in the right context.

Smart Elements track clinicians’ work, showing completed steps with a clear visual indicator, and automatically taking the user to the appropriate next step.

Rich medical content reduces free-text errors and enforces standardization, where appropriate.

Patient lists are easy to use and navigate, based on defined tasks, and organized by departments and/or user types. No more hunting for patients or information about them.

Nurses and physicians have complete and comprehensive medical information in an easy-to-read, linear view of each patient’s most current encounter.

Emergency Dept documentation

Emergency services are fully integrated with the Choice-HS EHR. The Emergency Department System (EDS) allows immediate access to the patient's medical history. Designed for the management of busy emergency rooms the Choice-HS EDS provides simplified registration, supports faster triage, and provides easy access to information to improve care, reduce wait times, and streamline patient processing.

- Triage and Fast Track
- Nurse documentation and charting
- Status boards
- Clinical decision support
- Computerized provider order entry (CPOE)
- Results reporting
- Patient discharge

Inpatient documentation

The Choice-HS EHR improves patient care and patient outcomes while increasing efficiency across your healthcare organization. Through the use of its innovative technology, Choice-HS delivers an affordable solution that rivals the much more expensive offerings of legacy EHR vendors. With a patient-centric view physicians, nurses, and other clinicians see the complete patient history -- labs, radiology, medications, physician and nursing documentation – in a single, easy-to-navigate view.

- Integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR)
- Nurse documentation and charting
- True integration of all clinical functions across departments
- Clinical decision support
- Specialty workflow within the hospital
- Computerized provider order entry (CPOE)
- Results reporting
- Patient discharge


Scheduling features of the Choice-HS EHR manage schedules across the entire organization. Schedules can be customized for the unique needs of each department and resource type. Remote access via the Web allows clinicians to request specific times and resources, improving patient satisfaction by accommodating patients with special needs or preferences. Pre-admission forms and special requests can be easily managed through the Choice-HS EHR. Scheduling administrators will be alerted to special requests, conflicts, cancellations, and other anomalies, so they can manage their resources efficiently with minimal disruption to customer service and patient care.


The Choice-HS EHR supports telemedicine with interactive features that utilize the newest technologies and telecommunications. The Choice-HS telemedicine solution allows patients to visit with physicians via live video for immediate care through personal interaction. Patient information is recorded in the EHR during the telemedicine visit, and the physician can enter details of the exam real-time. The Choice-HS telemedicine module allows a hospital to extend its reach into the community and beyond by giving access to high quality care to remote areas and or patients with limited mobility.


Our cloud-based solution gives your organization the full functionality of an on-site EHR solution without the IT headaches and upfront costs.

You get a great EHR that doctors and nurses love because it improves the quality and efficiency of care delivery, improving patient satisfaction, and reducing staff turn-over. All at dramatically reduced operating costs, which makes everyone happy.


Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (DSTU2)

... is the next generation standard for exchanging healthcare information electronically.

FHIR Data Repository

FHIR standard allows two formats for data exchange: XML and JSON. They are interchangeable; an XML resource can be transformed into equivalent JSON.

HL7 FHIR value Sets

Interface for adding, editing, deleting, and validating fhir terminology value sets.

FHIR Profile Editor

FHIR Profile editor and fhir servers use profiles to allow and/or limit access to the specific server, by defining the type of resources the server will manage.

HL7-to-FHIR Mapping

HL7-to-FHIR mapping for enhancing existing HL7 interfaces.

FHIR Database Tutorial

Interactive tutorial demonstrating interacting with PostgresSQL/FHIR Database

FHIR Resource Definitions

A series of resources used to exchange and/or store healthcare related data.

Argonaut Project

Argonaut Project is a focused, market-driven code and documentation sprint.

Choice Hospital Systems is a strong supporter of both open-source and the FHIR community. Our developers have been developing FHIR specific technology Data Repositories, Restful Services and other tools since 2012. Our development teams are encouraged to participate in the FHIR community and initiatives such as the Argonaut Project, SMART on FHIR etc. Additionally we are actively working with Health Care Technology groups and Medical Device companies on commercial FHIR applications for the Health Care Industry.

If you have questions on FHIR and how it can be used to advance Interoperability at your facility or in a future project or if you need assistance in reaching the best resource in the FHIR community please contact us or follow some of the most influential members of the FHIR community Graham Grieve, Josh Mandel, David Hay.

Why us?

Our development team has been creating technology solutions for 30+ years. We have experience in providing solutions for multiple industries including those heavily regulated such as Casino Gaming and Healthcare. Currently our Healthcare Solutions....

  • Secure Platform HIPAA Compliant. Encrypted Personal Health Information.
  • 70+ Million HL7 2.x messages processed
  • 25+ Million patient encounters
  • 800,000+ patient Visits
  • 2,500+ Registered Healthcare Professionals


Experience you can count on 30+ years of technology development and the last 15 years dedicated to Healthcare IT.

Healthcare IT Consulting

Successful IT implementations need more than just high-level technical skills; experience dealing with diverse departments and legacy systems is the key to a successful solution.

Healthcare is rife with consultants but Healthcare IT is unique in the critical nature, diversity, and volume of data. Our goal is to ensure minimum risk, on time and on budget projects.

Through the application of industry standard models and current project management tools, our consultants work to ensure client projects are efficiently managed.

Product development

Do you need assistance in developing a product for the Healthcare IT market? We have created individual modules for addressing function specific tasks through a complete Meaningful Use (MU) certified Inpatient EHR.

Kick-start any product development by using our proven platform built around industry standards to get you up and running fast.

Rely on our experience developing products that manage large volumes of data in a secure, stable environment, 24/7 365 days a year.

Interoperability Implementation

Understand ONC’s Standards & Interoperability (S&I) Framework and how it can be implemented to solve real world issues.

See how FHIR can be a part the Interoperability solution working within the S&I Framework.

The S&I Framework will empower healthcare stakeholders to establish standards, specifications, and other implementation guidance that facilitate effective healthcare information exchange.

read more on the S&I Framework

Hosted in the Cloud

Reduce Costs, Felxible Capacity and Rapid Deployment

Amazon Web Services

Supporting the critical operations of your business, the cloud provides rapid access to flexible and low cost IT resources. With cloud computing, you don’t need to make large upfront investments in hardware and spend a lot of time on the heavy lifting of managing that hardware. Instead, you can provision exactly the right type and size of computing resources you need to power your newest bright idea or operate your IT department. You can access as many resources as you need, almost instantly, and only pay for what you use.

Ready for patient Data

The AWS environment is designed to give customers the ability to follow a broad range of international security and data protection standards. For your applications that use protected health information (as defined under the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)), AWS can sign Business Associate Agreements (BAA) and provide the technical infrastructure to ensure you have the ability to meet your statutory privacy requirements.

24/7 Support

AWS Support is a one-on-one, fast-response support channel that is staffed around the clock with technical support engineers and experienced customer service professionals who help you get the most from the products and features provided by Amazon Web Services. All AWS Support tiers offer an unlimited number of support cases with pay-by-the-month pricing and no long-term contracts. The four tiers provide developers and businesses the flexibility to choose the support tiers that meet their specific needs.